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Florida woman critically injured at airport

While our blog has on many occasions reported on car accidents and other accidents on land, Floridians actually travel frequently by water and by air, particularly when they are trying to reach the Keys or other popular destinations in this state. Unfortunately, accidents can and too often do happen when people are using boats or aircraft to get around.

Electric shock drowning is a preventable tragedy

Being surrounded by the ocean on three sides and having plenty of inland bodies of water as well, it is no surprise that Florida is the home to many marinas and other boating facilities. Likewise, lots of residents of Coral Springs and other parts of South Florida probably own a boat and enjoy taking it out on to the water most of the year.

Party hosts may be liable for injuries

Party hosts may be held legally liable under Florida's criminal social host law or in a personal injury lawsuit for any injuries or damages caused by a drunk and underaged party guest. Social hosts in Florida violate the social host law when they know that an underage person possesses an alcohol beverage or drug and does not take reasonable action to prevent their possession or consumption. An adult can rescind their violation by taking a reasonable action to prevent the minor's possession or consumption of the beverage or drug.

What are the components of a personal injury action?

Falling victim to an accident is a shocking event, no matter the severity of the incident. Accident victims in Florida and elsewhere are often initially focused on the pain and suffering associated with the injury. One's mind is often fixated on medical treatment to address the injuries suffered. Then, while one is in the recovery process, he or she is often faced with the growing medical bills associated with their care and treatment. This can be overwhelming, especially when an individual was a victim in an accident caused by a negligent party.

Helping you in your pursuit of a personal injury action

Accidents happen, and when they occur, it does not always means that injuries ensue. However, some accidents can be serious, resulting in much harm and damages suffered. Victims of an accident are often left vulnerable and confused. He or she is not only dealing with the pain and suffering associated with their injuries, but they are also faced with medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages. It can be very overwhelming, causing many victims to seek ways to reduce these growing hardships.

English-only signs lead to lawsuits

Florida and the rest of the nation are becoming bi-lingual. Failure to recognize this may have legal consequences, even at locations designed for amusement. A Guatemalan family recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Universal Orlando after their 38-year-old father died because of its allegedly negligent failure to post ride-warning signs in Spanish.

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