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Drowsy driving and car crashes

We rely on vehicles to get around. This means that motorists in Florida and elsewhere may drive even when they shouldn't, such as when they are stressed, intoxicated or even tired. Drowsy driving may not seem as problematic as drunk driving; however, it is considered to be just as dangerous. Thus, when an overworked individual or a person who is sleep deprived gets behind the wheel, he or she could create a dangerous situation for others, even being the cause of a crash.

Coral Springs teen dies in multi-car crash

Whether one is operating motor vehicle or traveling in one as a passenger, every day, individuals in Florida and elsewhere are faced with various dangers on the roadways. It could be a distracted driver texting on their phone, a speeding driver with road rage, a negligent driver that failed to signal a maneuver or a drunk driver traveling in the wrong direction. When a negligent driver causes a crash, this puts the lives of those involved at risk.

Florida pushes for laws to address texting and driving

As any Florida resident knows, life can get busy. In order to address these times when there is more on our to-do list than hour in the day, many multi-task. While this can be an effective way to get things done, it could result in one in a worse off condition. Take phone usage and driving, for an example. Distracted driving is a major problem in Florida and other states across the nation. It is deemed just as, if not more, dangerous than drunk driving. However, many motorists decide to grab for their phone to send a text, read an email, search the internet or make a phone call, causing an increased risk for an automobile collision.

Tesla Autopilot blamed for crash

Car crashes often involve a negligent, distracted or impaired driver. New technology, however, is also playing a role in motor vehicle accidents. An accident victim recently filed a lawsuit against Tesla claiming that it misrepresented the effectiveness of its Autopilot system and holding it liable for a crash on Florida's Turnpike.

Waiting for the school bus is more dangerous

Parents and safety advocates have been concerned over safe school bus transportation to and from school and made recommendations such as the installing seat belts. Surprisingly, however, car accidents involving children waiting for the bus poses more dangers.

Survey: Some drivers watch videos behind the wheel

With today’s smartphones, catching up on your favorite TV shows, movies and online videos is easier than ever. Unfortunately, some people are using this convenience in dangerous ways. A recent survey indicates that some individuals tune into videos when driving.

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