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Foreclosures down, but homeowners still struggle

Latest statistics show that the real estate crisis in Florida may have peaked. In the six months leading to July 2017, home foreclosures were down 33 percent. Compared to the first half of the year previous, foreclosures are down 56 percent.

Could you lose your house to adverse possession?

A rare case of adverse possession recently arose in Florida. Many people who do not deal with real estate law on a regular basis may not have heard of adverse possession, but it is an old law that may have been intended to keep land from being abandoned, or to clear up confusion over ownership in some cases.

Real estate dispute arises between homeowner, dog shelter

When a residence in Florida has an unusual neighbor, a legal dispute may well develop. On one side, you have the people who live in the house. They say that the neighboring business or organization is a nuisance, because of noise, odor or other bothersome thing.

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