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High-profile drunk driving accident in Miami makes national news

Drunk driving arrests happen all the time, especially in a highly-populated state such as Florida. We all hope that these arrests happen before a car accident occurs but, unfortunately, that isn't always the case. But, usually we don't see reports of a drunk driver actually making contact with law enforcement officials - especially by ramming their vehicle.

Pursuing compensation after suffering neck and back pain

There are many different ways that Florida residents can suffer injuries, but car accidents are probably right at the top of the list. Whether the crash is caused by a distracted driver, a drunk driver or a driver who is simply not following traffic laws, car accidents can leave victims with significant injuries, which, in turn, can result in months or even years of pain.

Elderly woman dies of injuries suffered in hit-and-run accident

Our readers in the Miami area may have seen the recent news about law enforcement efforts to track down a hit-and-run driver whose recklessness led to the death of an 83-year-old woman. Any type of car accident that leads to a death is tragic, but the circumstances of this recent incident are particularly shocking.

How do you know if you have suffered whiplash injuries?

Of all the different types of injuries that a Florida resident could suffer from in a car accident, the scariest ones can be brain, spine and neck injuries. After all, most minor cuts and bruises will heal relatively quickly. But, the more serious types of injuries may require weeks or even months of medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitative therapy. Whiplash injuries are among some of the most serious injuries that car accident victims can suffer.

No matter how you suffer an injury, you may have a legal claim

Nobody plans on being injured. That's why, when someone does suffer an injury, people are quick to label it an accident. But, the reality is that oftentimes injuries are caused due to another party's negligence or recklessness. We see it all the time: car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and injuries caused due to a dangerous condition on someone's property. When injuries occur in these types of situations, in many cases it was someone's fault.

The dangers presented by drunk driving accidents in Florida

Of all the reasons why car accidents occur in Florida, drunk driving is the one that probably makes people shake their heads the most. After all, how irresponsible does a person have to be to consume too much alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car? Don't the people who engage in this dangerous and reckless behavior understand the lives they are putting at risk?

How common are traumatic brain injuries?

One of the most feared types of injuries whenever a Florida resident is in any type of accident is a brain injury. Other types of injuries, oftentimes no matter how serious, can present a path to full recovery. Brain injuries, however, may result in life-altering changes for the victim. But, how common are brain injuries, specifically those known as "traumatic brain injuries"?

An overview of wrongful death lawsuits in Florida

Any time Florida residents lose a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, it can be devastating. In the mourning process, these individuals and families will likely think of one simple question: "Why did this have to happen"? While this question might go unanswered, the families of these innocent victims may be able to address the impact of the loss in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Crash in Coral Springs required helicopter for injured victim

An accident in Coral Springs, Florida left numerous people injured and at least one of them was injured seriously enough that helicopter assistance was required. The accident itself is shrouded in mystery, as there are practically no details. We don't know how many vehicles were involved and we don't know how many victims there are. But at least one person was airlifted to a hospital via the aforementioned helicopter and "several" others were injured.

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