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Know your options when it comes to commercial litigation

Most companies in Florida are in business to make a profit, not dole out unexpected costs when it comes to legal disputes. However, the reality is that it is almost inevitable that most companies will, at some point or another, face a legal challenge of some type. It may be a contract or partnership dispute, or a landlord-tenant dispute among commercial entities. Whatever the challenge, it is important for companies in Florida to know their options when it comes to commercial litigation.

The discovery process in commercial litigation

Businesses in Florida that end up in a situation which calls for commercial litigation probably expect the process to be a bit of a slog. Usually, a commercial lawsuit is the last-choice option for businesses with strained relations, as such a scenario can drive up the costs for both companies in an attempt to reach a resolution to a conflict between the companies. But, the reality is that sometimes commercial litigation is the only option when the conflict is serious enough.

What makes a valid contract in Florida?

Contracts are as varied as the businesses that use them. Some contracts deal with partnerships and property, others deal with sales and delivery of goods, and others govern employees and contractors. Whatever agreement your or your attorneys are drafting, you'll want to ensure that every contract you use has the basic elements that make it enforceable and valid in Florida. 

Tesla reaches a settlement in lawsuit

Businesses in Florida know that hard decisions need to be made every day when it comes to the success of a company. Bad situations can get worse in a hurry, oftentimes leading to commercial litigation. Such a situation can be particularly damaging to a company's "name brand." For up-and-coming car company Tesla, a recent settlement in a lawsuit may have been a way to limit any damage that has been done.

Facing the many disputes that can arise in commercial litigation

Most businesses in Florida have similar goals: earn a profit, employ the right people and, maybe, have a positive impact on the community. Unfortunately, running a business isn't all that simple. Many businesses in Florida will run into disputes or tricky situations that can imperil the company's goals. When this happens, legal action may be necessary.

What do Florida businesses need to know about breach of contract?

When most individuals and businesses enter into contractual agreements, they expect that they are getting a fair deal and that the other party will live up to its end of the bargain. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. In many contractual relationships, there will come a time when one party or the other may commit a "breach" of the contract. So, what do businesses in Florida need to know about breach of contract claims?

What basics about contracts do Florida businesses need to know?

Almost every business in operation in Florida will need to enter into contracts at some point in time. Agreements between buyers, sellers, vendors and suppliers are all common when it comes to conducting business operations. So, it only makes sense for business people in Florida to know some of the basics of contracts.

Important lease terms to avoid commercial landlord-tenant dispute

Many businesses in Florida will, at some point, likely find it necessary to rent space for company activity. Retail space, warehouses and office buildings are just some of the types of commercial buildings that many companies will look for. When it comes to renting space for commercial enterprises, there are some important terms that need to be reviewed in the lease.

Know your options when it comes to commercial litigation

The name of the game in business is relatively simple: keep debt in check, keep customers happy and earn a profit. Of course, the actual act of running a successful business can be much more complicated. Businesses of all sorts in Florida need to interact with more than just customers - they have to make agreements with suppliers, vendors and contractors and they need to make sure that they have a capable workforce in place.

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