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When insurance companies reject your claim, call an attorney

You buy an insurance policy. It could be life insurance, property insurance or otherwise. When you sign the policy and start paying your premiums, you feel as though you are covered. You feel secure, because you think that your insurance company will support you through thick and thin. It certainly is a cozy feeling -- but unfortunately that feeling doesn't always materialize into reality.

Is Your Insurance Company Not Treating You Fairly?

There is a paradox in how most people think about insurance. Many people have a sense of security because of the policies they carry. At the same time, most of us understand that there is a strong possibility that should we ever have to file a claim, we may not receive the level of service we have contracted for with the insurance company. This leaves people in the powerless position of needing and paying for insurance that they have to hope will cover their needs when the time comes. 

'No maintenance' one excuse for insurance claim denial

The law does not require that insurance companies to honor all homeowners’ claims, only that they operate in good faith. This means that insurers must have a legitimate reason for offering a settlement that is less than what the insured party believes they are entitled to, or rejecting the claim entirely.

Insurance recission can happen at worst possible moment

Having insurance is supposed to bring Florida residents peace of mind that they will be covered in case of death or disaster. However, it is important to remember that private insurance companies are businesses. Like any business, in general their first priority is making as much of a profit as possible.

2nd state considering Homeowner's Bill of Rights

It has been a few months since the "Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights" became part of Florida law. As we have discussed before on this blog, the bill of rights requires insurance companies to provide customers with a homeowners' insurance policy with a document explaining the claims process.

After Mothers' Day storms, frustration about insurance checks

Perhaps Florida homeowners who have ever had to deal with their insurance company after a natural disaster can relate to what the victims of recent storms in Nebraska are going through. A news report about it calls trying to get a fair homeowners' insurance settlement "the storm after the storm" for many residents.

Long-awaited relief on the horizon as insurance rates decline

Florida’s hurricane season has been relatively uneventful for the past eight years. Instead of seeing insurance rates die down along with the wind and the rain, however, residents have witnessed their highest-in-the-nation rates stagnate or increase. In 2013, for instance, rates went up by 11 percent, the second-highest increase in the U.S. that year.

'Insurance Bill of Rights' bill passes Florida Legislature

In our April 11 blog post, we discussed a bill before the Florida Legislature that should interest all homeowners in Broward County. As we talked about then, the bill would create a "Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights" that insurance companies would have to provide that explains the process of making a claim after your home is damaged.

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