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Florida insurance important with hurricane season heating up

Insurance claims are getting more complicated than ever. When a person files a claim to their insurance company, it is most likely after an accident or a natural disaster that damages their property. Sometimes homes can be partially destroyed, and it is important to get claims filed and approved quickly so families can get back on their feet and make repairs.

However, recently, insurance companies have been getting more agressive in an attempt to deny homeowner's legitimate claims. Some send letters to people requiring them to fill out in-depth paperwork and return certain forms and documents within seven days. Others ask the insured person to make statements under oath to a court reporter before a claim will be accepted.

With hurricane season heating up in Florida, it is important that people understand their policies and protect themselves if insurers deny their legitimate claims. If an insurance company can get most people to just avoid filing a claim, they can save millions of dollars, therefore increasing their profits. It is important that people understand their rights when dealing with their insurance companies. Despite people paying their insurance premiums on time, some insurance companies act in bad faith when denying a person's claim.

When insurance companies don't honor their policy agreements, they might be trying to take advantage of people. An experienced attorney in Florida can help a person work to protect their rights against bad faith insurers, and ensure that the person's policy is honored. During a time when a family needs their insurance most, it is important that insurance companies pay out legitimate claims.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Group seeks to solve woes over insurance claims," Kathleen Haughney, July 21, 2013

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