There are many people in the Coral Springs area who own their own home. Owning a home is one of the main goals of an adult. Owning a home is a big deal and is often very expensive, taking a big chunk of a person’s monthly income. Occasionally, something happens and a person is not able to make a mortgage payment. How long does a person have before a foreclosure begins?

Missing a mortgage payment happens to many homeowners in Coral Springs. Sometimes unexpected medical bills, car repairs or any other life situation happens and there is not enough money left over for the mortgage. It can be hard to recover from a missed mortgage payment and a homeowner may wonder how many mortgage payments they can miss before facing foreclosure.

In general, a homeowner can miss four mortgage payments before a foreclosure begins. After the third missed mortgage payment, a lender will send a letter saying the homeowner has 30 days to bring the account up-to-date. After the fourth missed payment or 120 days of missed payments, foreclosure can begin.

If a homeowner is facing foreclosure, they may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in foreclosure defense. An attorney understands that it is important for their client to act quickly when faced with a foreclosure. There are many specific deadlines in the foreclosure process and if any are missed then it may be too late.

There are many things an attorney can investigate to help their client including mortgage documents, whether the entity foreclosing on the home has the legal right to do so, independent foreclosure review, or violations of other laws. It can be a scary situation if a Coral Springs person is facing foreclosure. An attorney understands their client’s worry and can help protect their client’s rights and fight against the foreclosure process.