While our blog has on many occasions reported on car accidents and other accidents on land, Floridians actually travel frequently by water and by air, particularly when they are trying to reach the Keys or other popular destinations in this state. Unfortunately, accidents can and too often do happen when people are using boats or aircraft to get around.

A woman from the Naples area suffered a severe injury at an airport in Key West after traveling on a private plane. According to reports, the woman left the airplane after it had landed at Key West. The pilot had already disembarked and was inspecting the plane because of a suspected mechanical problem. When the woman got off of the plane, for some reason she came in to contact with the plane’s propeller.

Reportedly, the woman lost both her arm and her foot in this scary personal injury accident. She was initially taken to a hospital in the Keys. After her condition stabilized, medical professionals had her transported by air to a hospital in Miami that specializes in treating trauma. There is no doubt that this woman has a long and expensive recovery ahead of her.

Members of the Florida Highway Patrol are continuing to investigate the cause of this accident. They said that they were not certain what potential mechanical issue prompted the pilot and the passenger to leave the airplane. At this point, no citations or regulatory actions have been announced.

After a serious injury accident like the one in this case, a victim will want to evaluate her options carefully. If, for instance, the pilot of the plane is not related to the victim, and was negligent, then the pilot and his or her employer may be liable to pay compensation for the victim’s severe injuries. Depending on the circumstances, the plane’s mechanic or manufacturer may also have liability.