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Florida woman critically injured at airport

While our blog has on many occasions reported on car accidents and other accidents on land, Floridians actually travel frequently by water and by air, particularly when they are trying to reach the Keys or other popular destinations in this state. Unfortunately, accidents can and too often do happen when people are using boats or aircraft to get around.

What is a qui tam lawsuit?

Many businesses in Southern Florida may have the federal or state governments, or an agency thereof, as a client or a business affiliate. After all, much of the government's work is done through contracts with private businesses. Not surprisingly, it is very important for a business in Coral Springs who is doing business with the government to take great care to pay attention to accuracy and detail at all stages in their dealings with the state. Otherwise, the business may find itself on the receiving end of an accusation that it defrauded or misled the government.

What are your options if your homeowners insurance won't pay?

If you are like most homeowners in the Coral Springs, Florida, area, you may have gone your entire adult life without ever needing to file a single homeowners insurance claim. While you pay your premium diligently every year, you may have never wound up in the scenario where you required the coverage to pay for damage to your property or an injury to someone visiting you.

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