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NFL-related suit over arbitration continues

Football fans in South Florida probably know that professional teams relocate from time to time. While this is an inevitable part of the business, it is almost always controversial particularly because the leaders and people of the city being left behind are often left with lost revenue, languishing property and an overall diminished economy and lost morale.

The Los Angeles Rams, which recently returned to that city after a couple of decades in St. Louis, are still embroiled in several court disputes with disappointed fans and others who continue to contest the legality of the team's move.

In the latest legal maneuver, the Rams asked for a state supreme court to put a hold on their order requiring that the pending case be heard in front of a judge or jury. The Rams said that they wanted to argue before the United States Supreme Court that the case belongs in arbitration, not litigation.

Oftentimes, whether a particular dispute between two businesses or, as in his case, a business and its customer base, may go before a court, is itself subject to a contract dispute. Many contracts contain provisions within them, which require the sides to use an arbitrator to settle any issues that may arise between the two parties.

In many cases, arbitration is really best for both businesses since it is an efficient way to get a dispute resolved relatively quickly by a neutral professional who is often also an expert in the industry. However, there are also many other occasions in which one business will for a number of reasons want to take a case before a jury. In such cases, the best strategy may be for the business to contest the validity of an arbitration agreement, and to do so with the help of an experienced attorney.

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