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Fatal accidents often happen at intersections

There is a lot going on at any intersection where two or more Florida drivers have to coordinate the movements of their vehicles safely. Of course, the easiest and surest way for drivers to do this is to follow the rules of the road and observe traffic signs and lights. Not doing so can cause fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, not all drivers appreciate this concept, and the result has been tragic. A recent report concluded that the number of fatalities attributable to vehicles that ran a red light has risen considerably between 2008 and 2017, the latter of which is the last year complete statistics were available.

In 2008, 715 people died due to another vehicle running a red light. In 2017, by contrast, 939 victims died in similar accidents. This marked an increase of over 30%. According to a spokesman for the AAA, which was ultimately responsible for the survey, some of the increase could just be due to the fact that more people are driving in recent years simply because the economy is stronger.

However, the spokesman also suggested that distracted driving, including texting and driving, is partially responsible for this growing problem. Drivers who are not paying attention are much more likely to simply miss the fact that a light has turned red or is about to do so and may enter an intersection at full speed.

Sadly, it seems that in many cases, drivers may be intentionally trying to beat a light before it turns red or simply decide that stopping for the light is not that important. No matter how much of a hurry one is in, this sort of behavior is never acceptable.

Those in and around Coral Springs who have lost loved ones or who have suffered serious injuries in accidents at intersections may have legal options available to them.

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