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Electric shock drowning is a preventable tragedy

Being surrounded by the ocean on three sides and having plenty of inland bodies of water as well, it is no surprise that Florida is the home to many marinas and other boating facilities. Likewise, lots of residents of Coral Springs and other parts of South Florida probably own a boat and enjoy taking it out on to the water most of the year.

Of course, there are a number of hazards associated with boating. Marina owners and individual boaters need to take account of these hazards and make sure that they are doing what they reasonably can to keep others safe.

In this respect, one safety practice that might be easy to overlook is to make sure that the boat, specifically the electrical equipment, remains in good repair. If a marina or a boat has malfunctioning electrical equipment, it is quite possible for electrical current to escape into the water around the boat or marina. Water conducts electrical current.

Even if leaking current is not alone enough to kill swimmers, it can lead to electric shock drowning. A swimmer who experiences electrical shock is likely to panic, making drowning more likely. Moreover, the electricity itself can paralyze the victim long enough for the victim to drown in the water.

These sorts of accidents are preventable. Ultimately, is the responsibility of a person who is using electrical current in or around water to make sure the current is properly grounded and is otherwise not going to cause nearby swimmers to suffer an unexpected electrical shock.

Should a person's negligent maintenance or other carelessness cause an electric shock drowning or near drowning, it may be possible to file a wrongful death or other personal injury case against the responsible parties. This legal action not only seeks to prove fault in these matters but also helps with the recovery of damages suffered.

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