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Electric shock drowning is a preventable tragedy

Being surrounded by the ocean on three sides and having plenty of inland bodies of water as well, it is no surprise that Florida is the home to many marinas and other boating facilities. Likewise, lots of residents of Coral Springs and other parts of South Florida probably own a boat and enjoy taking it out on to the water most of the year.

How does arbitration work?

Recently, this blog talked about how a professional football team is trying to get a legal dispute about their recent move to another market resolved in arbitration rather than litigation. While the previous post touched on the process, business owners in South Florida may want to know more about how arbitration works since it gets used frequently in contract disputes and other types of business litigation.

NFL-related suit over arbitration continues

Football fans in South Florida probably know that professional teams relocate from time to time. While this is an inevitable part of the business, it is almost always controversial particularly because the leaders and people of the city being left behind are often left with lost revenue, languishing property and an overall diminished economy and lost morale.

Fatal accidents often happen at intersections

There is a lot going on at any intersection where two or more Florida drivers have to coordinate the movements of their vehicles safely. Of course, the easiest and surest way for drivers to do this is to follow the rules of the road and observe traffic signs and lights. Not doing so can cause fatal motor vehicle accidents.

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