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Florida dangerous state for pedestrians

According to recent statistics, walking is a particularly risky activity in Florida. The state has the worst numbers when it comes to fatal pedestrian accidents, and this is by a longshot. Specifically, over the course of 10 years, over 5,430 people died because of pedestrian accidents in this state.

Since 5,000 people die annually in pedestrian accidents across the country, this means Florida is accounting for about 10% of all such fatal pedestrian accidents. Per capita, the state averaged 2.73 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents. The national average is 1.55 deaths per 100,000 people.

The authors of the study also used a Pedestrian Danger Index, or PDI, to quantify how dangerous each state is for pedestrians. Not surprisingly, Florida came in with the highest PDI at 182. The second most dangerous state, Texas, had a PDI of 111.9, with the national average hovering around 55.

Several metropolitan areas in Florida also had notably dismal records when it came to pedestrian safety, with 9 of the 20 worst cities for pedestrians being located in this state. While the most dangerous metropolitan area in the country for pedestrians was Orlando, the greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale area ranked 14th most dangerous, at least when one judges by the number of pedestrian fatalities.

Experts recommend a number of ways in which Florida communities can address the ongoing issues of pedestrian safety. Pedestrians of course should follow the rules of the road, but it is also important for drivers in this state to pay attention and to slow down, especially in areas where pedestrians are likely to congregate. Likewise, infrastructure improvements may help.

A pedestrian in South Florida who gets struck by a vehicle may have legal options for recovering compensation from the person responsible for the motor vehicle accident. A civil action, like a personal injury action, could help hold a negligent party accountable for the accident and damages caused by it.

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