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What is an exclusive supplier contract?

A previous post talked about how a farmer in another state recently won over $20 million in a suit over an exclusive supplier agreement. To take a step back from this post, and as the name implies, an exclusive supplier agreement is one in which an entity which needs products, like chili peppers, enters in to an agreement with another business to provide them on an exclusive basis.

Farmer wins major lawsuit involving contract dispute

According to recent reports, a farmer in another state is celebrating after a jury awarded his family business $23.3 million in a breach of contract lawsuit. At one point, the farmer had been the exclusive supplier of certain chili peppers for Huy Fong Foods, Inc., the business which manufacturers several hot sauces, including a popular Sriracha sauce.

The cost of spinal cord injuries is exorbitant

A previous post here discussed a recent car accident in Florida that left a young woman paralyzed from the neck down. The woman suffered spinal cord injuries to her upper vertebrae. Injuries to the upper part of the spine are typically the most severe, and most costly, of all spinal cord injuries. These sorts of injuries, which can lead to the complete paralysis of all parts of the body below the neck, constitute 14% of all spinal cord injuries.

We can handle a variety of business disputes

One thing that can destroy a budding business or even an established enterprise in South Florida is a prolonged and expensive lawsuit. This is particularly true if, at the end of the day, a business winds up having to pay money out of pocket or give up important rights.

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