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Young woman left paralyzed in Florida car accident

A 22-year-old woman who was in Florida for an internship at a famous entertainment firm located in this state suffered severe spinal cord injuries in a recent car accident.

The motor vehicle accident left the woman paralyzed from the neck down, as the collision damaged her upper vertebrae and severed her nerves in that area of her spinal cord.

At last report, the woman had undergone two surgeries. However, she remained in intensive care and was receiving mechanical assistance with her breathing. Her family said that the goal was to get her into rehabilitation. She will still require the use of a special wheelchair, probably for the rest of her life.

According to sources, the woman was stopped at a red light. An alleged drunk driver slammed into her and did not brake prior to the collision. The family indicated that the driver of the other vehicle tried to drive away after the accident, but police tracked the driver down quickly.

While this young lady's future remains uncertain on many levels, it will no doubt be a challenging and expensive journey. In addition to hefty medical bills for her care now, she will also need money for specialized equipment and other rehabilitation expenses.

Furthermore, although she was pursuing a post-secondary education, her injuries could make it impossible for her to hold a job. Finally, her pain and suffering and other non-economic losses should be accounted for.

The woman and her family should consider pursuing a personal injury case against the alleged negligent and drunk driver who hit her vehicle while she was stopped. A lawsuit would help ensure that the woman receives the compensation she needs to navigate the difficult road ahead of her.

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