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Study shows more teen drivers could mean more danger on the road

A recent study by American Automobile Association confirmed what previous studies have suggested about teen drivers, which is that their presence tends to increase the risk of car accidents.

This study was released at the onset of what many experts call the 100 Deadliest Days of Driving. During this time, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the country experiences more traffic fatalities than during other months. Many experts attribute this to a higher volume of teenage drivers being on the road.

According to studies, bad driving habits, like speeding and drunk or drugged driving are common problems among teen drivers. Other problems noted were that teens often tend to disregard traffic signs and signals or, at best, not respond to them properly.

Not surprisingly, teens are also prone to distracted driving, especially when it comes to cell phone use. The study suggested that over half, 52%, of teen drivers admittedly read text messages as they drove along, while 40% of those surveyed admitted to composing a text message while behind the wheel.

All of this means that drivers in South Florida will be at greater risk during these next few months. In fact, teen drivers, between 15 and 18, have been responsible for almost 3,500 traffic-related fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents between 2013 and 2017.

While Coral Springs residents can and should drive defensively, it is not their problem if they get hit by a teen driver who is being negligent while behind the wheel. Instead, the teen driver can be held accountable. A victim can do so by filing a personal injury or wrongful death cause of action and asking for compensation for items like medical bills, lost wages and the like.

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