Although by many indications the economy is still booming, there are some signs that trouble is brewing in Florida’s real estate market.

Specifically, according to one report, Florida has experienced the largest percent surge in the number of homeowners who have fallen behind in their house payment to the point of getting a delinquency notice from their bank.

The delinquency notice is the first step in the formal foreclosure process; the report did not discuss how many other residents of this state may be falling behind but are still able to maintain informal negotiations with their lenders.

Florida to some extent is running contrary to the national trend. Across the country, and comparing year to year, initial foreclosure filings have declined. Florida, on the other hand, has seen recent year to year increases of about 31 percent.

The spike seems to be worse in some of this state’s metro areas than in others. For instance, in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, foreclosure starts are up over 30 percent from year to year. On the other hand, a metro area in the Panhandle has not experienced any change year to year.

While we can all hope that these numbers are just a blip on the radar, they may also be a sign that more and more families in this state are going to be facing the possibility of losing their homes to foreclosure. There are a number of legal options these families may have short of just walking away from their homes. Speaking with a foreclosure defense attorney may be a good first step in evaluating these options.