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You can defend your Florida home against foreclosure by a lender

Foreclosure is the technical term for the process of a lender reclaiming the collateral in a mortgage. Your home is the collateral for a mortgage instrument, which means that the lender takes steps to become the official owner of your home. That means you lose your place to live and the equity you have built in the property over the years.

Contract disputes aren't just about the businesses

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are run largely by a series of legally binding agreements, or contracts. Any given South Florida business likely has a number of contracts with other firms, including suppliers, creditors and business partners and affiliates.

Are your business contracts going to stand up in court?

Running a business in Florida means balancing a lot of different considerations. You have to make decisions, keep records and plan for the future. Having enforceable and strong contracts is an important concern for any business that often gets overlooked until a company runs into trouble. You may not stop to consider your contracts until someone breaks one and leaves you in a bad situation.

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