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Investors sue major ride-share company

The national ride-share company Lyft is facing a lawsuit in connection with its recent decision to become a publicly traded company. The lawsuit, filed as a class action on behalf or aggrieved investors, stated that the paperwork Lyft filed in order for its stock to be offered to the general public was misleading in several respects.

Defending against mechanics' liens

A previous post on this blog talked about an unusual foreclosure action in which a municipality is foreclosing on a piece of property because of unpaid fines. This is just one example of a situation in which a foreclosure involves a lien that is not a mortgage. While most foreclosures involve mortgages that have fallen delinquent, there are in fact many other ways in which a person or business can obtain a lien over a piece of property.

What is a shareholder derivative lawsuit?

Like individual Florida residents, corporations in this state have the ability both to sue and to be named as defendants in lawsuits. This means that if an individual, including a corporate officer, director or employee, does something to harm the corporation, the corporation can pursue available legal remedies. The corporation may even be able to demand compensation for its financial losses.

Tall grass leads to possible foreclosure

Falling behind on mortgage payments is the most obvious cause of foreclosure. But, a 69-year-old homeowner in Dunedin is engaged in a foreclosure defense against that city's code enforcement board. It is trying to foreclose on his home because he accrued $30,000 in unpaid fines for uncut grass since 2018.

Government-backed loan modification programs

There are occasions in which a Coral Springs, Florida, family can legally fight off the foreclosure of their home. Many banks and other lending institutions are not always careful about following this state's foreclosure laws and related legal provisions. In certain cases, their lack of attention to detail can stop or at least slow down a foreclosure.

Party hosts may be liable for injuries

Party hosts may be held legally liable under Florida's criminal social host law or in a personal injury lawsuit for any injuries or damages caused by a drunk and underaged party guest. Social hosts in Florida violate the social host law when they know that an underage person possesses an alcohol beverage or drug and does not take reasonable action to prevent their possession or consumption. An adult can rescind their violation by taking a reasonable action to prevent the minor's possession or consumption of the beverage or drug.

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