Good news for American homeowners: they are falling behind on their mortgages less often than any time in 18 years.

A recent report by CoreLogic reveals in January, the national rate of mortgages 90 days behind or more in payments or foreclosure was down to 1.4 percent. You have to go back to 2001 to find such a low national rate of foreclosure and delinquency. Overall, just 4 percent of mortgages were even 30 days’ delinquent, also an 18-year low.

CoreLogic credited rising incomes and home prices for the reduced number of homes in foreclosure or at risk of it, as well as “sound underwriting” policies by banks. However, the company noted that people are falling behind on their student loans and auto payments at high rates.

Parts of the U.S. lagging behind

In addition, not every part of the U.S. is enjoying the same level of foreclosure relief. For example, in Panama City, Florida, the delinquency rate actually went up in January in the wake of Hurricane Michael. And the Southern states generally have higher rates of delinquency, with Mississippi experiencing the highest rate at 2.9 percent of mortgages at least 90 days late on payments.

Even though the foreclosure crisis that began in 2007 is receding farther into the past, there are still thousands of households in Florida that need to find a way to stop foreclosure proceedings against them.

You can take on foreclosure and win

The bank may not seem interested in making a deal – at least until you retain an attorney experienced in foreclosure defense. Your lawyer will explain your legal options for contesting foreclosure and reaching a settlement with the lender that could let you keep your home.