Whether one is operating motor vehicle or traveling in one as a passenger, every day, individuals in Florida and elsewhere are faced with various dangers on the roadways. It could be a distracted driver texting on their phone, a speeding driver with road rage, a negligent driver that failed to signal a maneuver or a drunk driver traveling in the wrong direction. When a negligent driver causes a crash, this puts the lives of those involved at risk.

According to recent reports, a fatal crash occurred when a group of high school friends were on their way from Coral Springs to Fort Lauderdale. The 17-year-old female was a passenger in the vehicle that as traveling eastbound on I-595 when the driver of the vehicle was cut off by another driver. This resulted in a multi-car collision.

The crash resulted in two passengers being ejected from the vehicle. The 17-year-old female passenger was one of them. She was transported to the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma due to the fractured skill and brain injuries suffered. She was did not survive these injuries, and passed away five days later.

This accident is still under investigation, and it is not clear at this time how many vehicles were involved and how many victims were harmed. Once completed, the investigation could help determine what the cause was and who was at fault.

The aftermath of a fatal car crash is tragic and emotional. It can be difficult for surviving loved ones to process the sudden event and move forward. It is not only challenging to cope with this loss but it is also difficult to deal with the losses and damages associated with the accident. Loved ones may find it impossible to address medical bills, funeral costs and other financial losses. Thus, a wrongful death action could be beneficial. This civil action could help place liability on the driver at fault while also helping loved ones recover compensation for losses.