When individuals in Florida and elsewhere purchase a home, they often do not think about losing the house because they cannot afford it. Whether it is a starter home or a dream home, individuals and families seek to remain in their home until they seek to move or have passed. Unfortunately, financial problems can alter these plans. When financial hardships occur, it can be challenging to navigate these matters. One does not want to think about losing their home; thus, they seek out ways to keep their home while they sort through their financial problems.

How can one avoid foreclosure? While it may be a difficult step to take, if an individual is having a tough time paying their mortgage, it may be time to talk to the lender. It may not be an easy conversation and they can make it challenging, but lenders what to get paid. They are likely to work out an arrangement that allows one to stay in their home, gets them paid and helps them avoid having to sell another house.

There are five common solutions that a homeowner could seek if they are facing foreclosure. The first is forbearance, which is when payments are reduced or suspended for a period of time. The next is loan modification, which involves having the terms of the mortgage rewritten. The third solution is reinstatement. This is frequently used with a forbearance, which allows for a borrower to make their missed payments during a given timeframe.

The fourth is to develop a repayment plan. This requires one to negotiate an amount that will be added to the monthly mortgage in order to pay off the past due amounts. The final solution is to refinance. This is only available if one has enough equity in the home to pay off the old mortgage and the fees associated with a new mortgage. Initiating one or more of these options could help a homeowner avoid foreclosure.

Being unable to pay the mortgage can be a devastating predicament to be in. One finds it challenging to think about anything but potentially losing their home. Nonetheless, it is possible to take steps to stop or avoid the foreclosure process. Thus, it is important to take the time to fully understand the circumstances and what can be done to resolve them. This can help individuals and families keep their homes.