As any Florida resident knows, life can get busy. In order to address these times when there is more on our to-do list than hour in the day, many multi-task. While this can be an effective way to get things done, it could result in one in a worse off condition. Take phone usage and driving, for an example. Distracted driving is a major problem in Florida and other states across the nation. It is deemed just as, if not more, dangerous than drunk driving. However, many motorists decide to grab for their phone to send a text, read an email, search the internet or make a phone call, causing an increased risk for an automobile collision.

According to recent reports, legislators in Florida believe that 2019 might be the year texting and driving laws will be put in place. Florida is one of the four states that do not allow police officers to pull over a motorist because they are on their phone while driving. While these laws are passed to help increase the safety on the roadways, this is known as secondary enforcement, and it is believed to do little to ensure safety and reduce distracted driving.

Because of this, tougher texting and driving laws have been pushed for in Florida with no avail. However, with a new governor in office and a new set of leaders at the state Capital, the passing of such a law could be promising. They may even push to make any form of distracted driving to be a primary offense.

Distracted driving is a serious matter, causing many to consider ways to reduce incidents of it occurring on the roadway. While the reduction of distracted driving could help reduce the number of distracted driving accidents. However, these accidents unfortunately occur, causing victims to suffer serious harms. In these cases, it is possible for victims to hold a distracted driver accountable. A personal injury action could help a victim recover compensation was medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages.