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Florida pushes for laws to address texting and driving

As any Florida resident knows, life can get busy. In order to address these times when there is more on our to-do list than hour in the day, many multi-task. While this can be an effective way to get things done, it could result in one in a worse off condition. Take phone usage and driving, for an example. Distracted driving is a major problem in Florida and other states across the nation. It is deemed just as, if not more, dangerous than drunk driving. However, many motorists decide to grab for their phone to send a text, read an email, search the internet or make a phone call, causing an increased risk for an automobile collision.

How are commercial real estate disputes handled?

When a Coral Springs business owner opts to rent a commercial space to use for their business, they may take special precautions to ensure that their interests are protected in their commercial lease agreement. The agreement may cover a range of terms and conditions that provide guidance on how differences and disputes may be resolved. To this end, a person may wish to begin their analysis of this question by reviewing their own lease agreement.

Helping you in your pursuit of a personal injury action

Accidents happen, and when they occur, it does not always means that injuries ensue. However, some accidents can be serious, resulting in much harm and damages suffered. Victims of an accident are often left vulnerable and confused. He or she is not only dealing with the pain and suffering associated with their injuries, but they are also faced with medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages. It can be very overwhelming, causing many victims to seek ways to reduce these growing hardships.

Fuddruckers sued Trump Tower developer

A seemingly routine lawsuit in Florida involves one of President Trumps' business partners and a developer of Trump Towers, a Fuddruckers restaurant and possibly James Bond's cars. Owners of the Fuddruckers on International Drive in Orlando commenced business litigation against their landlord, the president's former business partner Michael Dezer, over a plan to convert a shopping mall into an automobile museum and tourist attraction.

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