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Hazards to office workers

It can be hard to imagine sustaining an injury while you are working in an office-setting, however it does happen. Injuries in a typical office setting, sitting at a desk for most hours of the workday, lead to many injuries that you may not often think address or relate to your job.


Eye strain

Looking at your computer all day long can be harder on your eyes than you may know. Computer light can be very damaging to your eyes, especially if you look at a screen for eight hours per day for years. Eyes being something we rely on in everything we do, it can be difficult to experience trouble with them. Eye strain can include problems such as:

  • Dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • General discomfort
  • Poor vision

Slips, trips and falls

Even though a desk job may not have the same risks as a construction worker standing on a ladder, there are dangers to watch out for. Slipping on wet floor, falling off a rolling chair, or taking a tumble over an item left in the walkway are common hazards that everyday office workers need to be aware of. Falls and trips in the office can have lasting effects on the injured party.


You may not attribute lifting as a hazard to an office-scenario, but it is true that many office workers injure themselves when lifting objects that they may not assume will be heavy. Things like a computer screen monitor, box of printer paper or a filing cabinet can lead to strain in your back or other parts of your body. Lifting with improper technique can be detrimental.

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