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Florida court rules on foreclosure time restrictions

The date of maturity of mortgage debt in contracts is not always clear cut. In a recent decision, a Florida appeals court ruled that a reverse mortgage may be due and payable at maturity date instead of the borrower's debt. This ruling can impact the foreclosure defense for all types of mortgages.

How will you resolve partnership disputes?

If you own a business with a partner, you will likely disagree because you chose a partner that both supports and challenges you. At one point, you probably valued their input more than anyone else’s, but over time relationships can fracture and crumble and your business might suffer as a result.

English-only signs lead to lawsuits

Florida and the rest of the nation are becoming bi-lingual. Failure to recognize this may have legal consequences, even at locations designed for amusement. A Guatemalan family recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Universal Orlando after their 38-year-old father died because of its allegedly negligent failure to post ride-warning signs in Spanish.

Hazards to office workers

It can be hard to imagine sustaining an injury while you are working in an office-setting, however it does happen. Injuries in a typical office setting, sitting at a desk for most hours of the workday, lead to many injuries that you may not often think address or relate to your job.

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