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Florida ranked in top 10 states with worst drivers

There is relatively good news and some distressing news for motorists in Florida. According to a 2018 Smart Asset study, Florida is no longer the state with the worst drivers in this country. But, it still has the dubious distinction of remaining in the top 10 of these states which highlights the risks of motor vehicle accidents in Florida.

Florida ranked eighth in the states with the worst drivers. The ranking was based upon it having the lowest rate of insured drivers, 73 percent in 2017, in the United States.

Also, it suffers high fatality rates. Florida had 1.47 fatalities per 100 miles driven in 2016 which places it right behind Alabama. Fortunately, the rate dropped by a third since 1994 when its rate was 2.2 deaths per 100 miles driven. In 2016, the state suffered 3,200 deaths.

The rankings also included review of drunk driving arrests. Florida had 2.17 arrests per 1,000 drivers in 2015.

Mississippi had the top rating for the worst motorists. It had the second highest number of deaths with approximately 1.7 deaths for every 100 million miles driven. Insurance rates in that state are low, which increases the chances that a person involved in an accident will make out-of-pocket payments for repairs.

The study also reviewed how often residents in each state conduct Google searches of speeding ticket and traffic tickets which suggest the number of drivers who violate traffic laws. Mississippi had the 11th highest search volume for offenses involving tickets.

Overall, southern states fared poorly. These states comprised five of the top 10 states and tended to have the highest death rates and lowest auto insurance rates.

Massachusetts ranked best, at 50, in this study. It had a driver insurance rate of 93.8 percent. There were 1.64 DUI arrests per 1,000 drivers. It had a fatality rate of 0.63 per 100 million vehicles traveled.

National statistics have improved. There were 37,500 traffic deaths in this country in 2016 which dropped from 40,700 in 1994 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The fatality rate per 100 miles driven also dropped by 32 percent over that time. Death rates for each state also dropped for this period.

The risks of vehicle accidents are still unacceptable. A person inured in an accident should seek immediate legal representation. An attorney may help seek compensation for injuries and other losses.

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