With today’s smartphones, catching up on your favorite TV shows, movies and online videos is easier than ever. Unfortunately, some people are using this convenience in dangerous ways. A recent survey indicates that some individuals tune into videos when driving.

The survey was by an online driving education website. It polled drivers on what things they do behind the wheel. It may not surprise many that texting while driving was very commonly reported by the respondents. What some may find surprising though is just how many of the drivers said that they watch videos while driving.

Of the surveyed drivers:

  • 8 percent reported watching YouTube videos behind the wheel
  • 4 percent reported using Netflix while driving

Do you think this type of dangerous behavior is common here in the Coral Springs area? How big of a problem do you think distracted driving in general is in the area? What do you think it will take to get more drivers to keep their focus on the roads when at the wheel?

As this underscores, the range of distracting behaviors that drivers sometimes engage in has gotten pretty wide. So, sadly, there are many different kinds of distracted drivers you could come across when out on the roads.

Distracted driving, in any of its forms, has the potential to trigger significant accidents. When individuals have been harmed in any type of distracted driving crash, compensation-related legal issues can have major implications for their future. So, what legal help crash victims turn to when it comes to such issues matters a great deal.