It may seem unbelievable to decent Florida residents that people would leave the scene of a car accident that they cause. Unfortunately, according to a recent report, these types of hit-and-run accidents are occurring in America these days more often than ever before.

The recent report noted that a study by AAA showed the shocking statistic that one hit-and-run accident is occurring every minute in America. This is despite the fact that every state has laws that make it illegal to leave the scene of an accident. The report states that an estimated 682,000 hit-and-run accidents occur in America each year.

As our readers might expect, many of the victims of these types of accidents are pedestrians and bicyclists. These individuals are particularly vulnerable in any type of collision with a motor vehicle, as they don’t have any of the protection or safety devices that drivers and passengers in vehicles have. In fact, the AAA study shows that over 2,000 deaths occurred in one year, 2016, in hit-and-run collisions. The recent report notes that statistic is the highest number ever recorded for one year.

In many hit-and-run cases, the vehicle and driver involved might never be located. But, for those that are eventually located, there may be significant criminal and civil penalties. The drivers might be arrested for leaving the scene of the accident and, if the injured victims need to pursue financial compensation, the driver might also face a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Any victim of a hit-and-run in Florida may benefit from exploring their potential legal options.

Source: CBS Chicago, “AAA Study: Deadly Hit-And-Run Crashes Reach An All-Time High,” April 26, 2018