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Tesla reaches a settlement in lawsuit

Businesses in Florida know that hard decisions need to be made every day when it comes to the success of a company. Bad situations can get worse in a hurry, oftentimes leading to commercial litigation. Such a situation can be particularly damaging to a company's "name brand." For up-and-coming car company Tesla, a recent settlement in a lawsuit may have been a way to limit any damage that has been done.

How do they determine car safety ratings?

There are three things most people consider when looking for a new vehicle: price, style or appearance and safety. The first two are easy to measure-all you have to do is look at it. Safety, though, relies on the word of third parties and many people don't really know what those safety ratings mean.

Facing the many disputes that can arise in commercial litigation

Most businesses in Florida have similar goals: earn a profit, employ the right people and, maybe, have a positive impact on the community. Unfortunately, running a business isn't all that simple. Many businesses in Florida will run into disputes or tricky situations that can imperil the company's goals. When this happens, legal action may be necessary.

Hit-and-run crashes are more common than ever before

It may seem unbelievable to decent Florida residents that people would leave the scene of a car accident that they cause. Unfortunately, according to a recent report, these types of hit-and-run accidents are occurring in America these days more often than ever before.

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