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February 2018 Archives

Is "drowsy driving" just as dangerous as drunk driving?

South Florida residents are probably used to seeing news reports about drunk driving arrests in the local area, as well as car accidents that are caused by drunk drivers. It is a sad reality that, despite the best efforts of government entities and non-profit corporations to raise awareness, thousands of Florida residents engage in this dangerous conduct every year. But, is there something else out there that drivers should be aware of? According to a recent news article, the answer is a definite "yes": drowsy driving.

Elderly woman's death leads family to pursue legal action

Many Florida residents have family members who reside at assisted living facilities or nursing homes. When elderly loved ones move into these types of facilities, the expectation is that they will receive the best care and the medical attention they need. Unfortunately, we have all seen news stories about nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have failed to live up to their requirements. A recent news article described a particularly troubling incident at a facility in Florida, in which an elderly female resident died.

What do Florida businesses need to know about breach of contract?

When most individuals and businesses enter into contractual agreements, they expect that they are getting a fair deal and that the other party will live up to its end of the bargain. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. In many contractual relationships, there will come a time when one party or the other may commit a "breach" of the contract. So, what do businesses in Florida need to know about breach of contract claims?

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