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What are the basics of making an insurance claim?

Most people in Florida have several different types of insurance policies: homeowner's policies, life insurance policies and hurricane policies, among others. We pay the monthly premiums for these insurance policies so that the coverage is there when we need to make a claim - which we hope we never have to do. But, if a Florida resident does need to make an insurance claim, what are the basics of that process?

Well, for starters, it will obviously depend on what type of insurance comes into play for the incident in question. For instance, a business may need to make a commercial property claim, while an individual may need to make a claim on a homeowner's policy. Typically, there will be some kind of injury or damage involved.

No matter which party was at fault, it is generally a good idea for each party to contact their own insurance company. From there, it will become necessary to determine which party's policy to make a claim against. An injured party will typically be able to make a claim against the insurance policy of the party at fault. And, if the party at fault doesn't have insurance coverage, it could be possible for the injured party to make a claim against their own policy.

From there, the parties will need to wait to see if the claim is accepted or denied. If the claim is denied, there will be an appeals process that can lead to a review of the denial decision. It is at this phase when many Florida residents would likely benefit from exploring their legal options regarding the claim.

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