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What are the basics of making an insurance claim?

Most people in Florida have several different types of insurance policies: homeowner's policies, life insurance policies and hurricane policies, among others. We pay the monthly premiums for these insurance policies so that the coverage is there when we need to make a claim - which we hope we never have to do. But, if a Florida resident does need to make an insurance claim, what are the basics of that process?

Important lease terms to avoid commercial landlord-tenant dispute

Many businesses in Florida will, at some point, likely find it necessary to rent space for company activity. Retail space, warehouses and office buildings are just some of the types of commercial buildings that many companies will look for. When it comes to renting space for commercial enterprises, there are some important terms that need to be reviewed in the lease.

Know your options when it comes to commercial litigation

The name of the game in business is relatively simple: keep debt in check, keep customers happy and earn a profit. Of course, the actual act of running a successful business can be much more complicated. Businesses of all sorts in Florida need to interact with more than just customers - they have to make agreements with suppliers, vendors and contractors and they need to make sure that they have a capable workforce in place.

Elderly woman dies of injuries suffered in hit-and-run accident

Our readers in the Miami area may have seen the recent news about law enforcement efforts to track down a hit-and-run driver whose recklessness led to the death of an 83-year-old woman. Any type of car accident that leads to a death is tragic, but the circumstances of this recent incident are particularly shocking.

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