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How do you know if you have suffered whiplash injuries?

Of all the different types of injuries that a Florida resident could suffer from in a car accident, the scariest ones can be brain, spine and neck injuries. After all, most minor cuts and bruises will heal relatively quickly. But, the more serious types of injuries may require weeks or even months of medical treatment and ongoing rehabilitative therapy. Whiplash injuries are among some of the most serious injuries that car accident victims can suffer.

So, how do car accident victims know if they have suffered a whiplash injury? Well, no two whiplash injuries are the same, but there are many similarities. For starters, most victims who suffer this type of injury will experience stiffness or pain in the neck area. But, sometimes these symptoms aren't noticed until several days after the accident. From there, the pain or stiffness may only get worse, not better.

Whiplash injuries can also result in headaches and dizziness, as well as the potential for pain to spread to the victim's shoulders and upper arms. The most serious instances of whiplash injuries can also result in memory issues, mood problems, such as depression or increased irritability and even vision problems.

Whiplash injuries occur most commonly when the car accident in question was a rear-end collision. The driver and passengers in the front car of the collision may experience their heads snapping backward quickly as their bodies are pushed forward by the force of the collision. Any Florida resident who has been involved in a car accident may want to have their personal injuries evaluated fully, including a check for the possibility of a whiplash injury.

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