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How common are traumatic brain injuries?

One of the most feared types of injuries whenever a Florida resident is in any type of accident is a brain injury. Other types of injuries, oftentimes no matter how serious, can present a path to full recovery. Brain injuries, however, may result in life-altering changes for the victim. But, how common are brain injuries, specifically those known as "traumatic brain injuries"?

Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries are a serious concern in America. In fact, of all of the deaths that occur due to injuries in America, a whopping 30 percent are the result of traumatic brain injuries. The statistics show that every day more than 150 people die from injuries that include a traumatic brain injury.

So, it appears that traumatic brain injuries are all too common. And, for those who survive their injuries and must live in the aftermath of suffering a traumatic brain injury, life will likely never be the same. Victims of a TBI can experience a wide range of devastating symptoms, such as personality changes, impaired movement or sense of sensation and even emotional or memory problems.

Along with the life-altering physical effects of a TBI, victims will also most likely see their financial resources become severely constrained by the limitations they live under. For those whose TBI was caused by another party due to negligence or recklessness, it may be possible to seek financial compensation to help offset those costs through a personal injury lawsuit in Florida civil court.

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