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When your insurance company laughs in your face

Insurance is not a complicated concept. You pay premiums expecting the promises made in the policy to be kept.

When the insurance company denies your claim, you are right to be furious.

Breaking promises

Insurance companies show bad faith in different ways.

  • They can refuse to pay out on your claims.
  • They can pay out, but only paying a fraction of your actual damages.
  • They can pay out, but so slowly or so late the money does you little good.
  • They can give your case low priority, not even investigating your claim.
  • They can lie through their teeth through deceptive advertising and sales promises.

The Andres Lopez Law Firm has made bad faith insurance claims a central part of its practice. Our take on bad faith is not that insurance companies are terrible. In fact, they are doing exactly what we might expect them to do.

Their primary concern is not your well-being, no matter what good hands they show in their commercials. Their number one concern is delivering profits to their shareholders.

It's not personal, though it can feel that way

So they look for opportunities to hold onto their money - which means refusing to pay you. Saying no costs them nothing. If you don't protest the refusal, that's money in their pocket.

Many people give up at this point, but that's a mistake. Lawyers are a good thing in a bad faith insurance situation. We are not intimidated by the team of lawyers working for the insurer.

Our goal is simple: to hold these companies to the promises they make.

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