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How cargo factors into a truck accident

Truck accidents pose a very unique threat to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and really anyone out on the road. Given the size of "big rigs" and semi trucks, they inherently have a much greater impact on other vehicles and objects when they are involved in an accident. This often leads to more serious injuries (and sometimes fatal ones) and far more damage. Truck accidents are incredibly devastating events, and the people involved in them must know their legal rights after the crash.

Today we want to focus on one particular aspect of truck accidents, and that is the cargo of the truck.

Cargo can play a crucial role in a truck accident. For example, a trucks' cargo must be properly packed and secured. If it is in a closed container, then it is important that the cargo be packed evenly so that the weight doesn't throw off the stability of the vehicle. An unbalanced load can make it difficult for even the most seasoned truck driver to safely operate his or her vehicle. If the cargo is on an open flat-bed, then it must be secured properly. If chains or straps break or aren't properly secured, that cargo could go flying all over the place, causing a chaotic wreck.

Cargo can also be inherently dangerous. For example, a truck may be carrying chemicals or incredibly heavy materials. These things could be absolutely devastating in any accident.

If cargo has a direct relationship with any accident, then the victims of their accident (or their loved ones) should consult with a personal injury attorney.

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