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An overview of wrongful death lawsuits in Florida

Any time Florida residents lose a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, it can be devastating. In the mourning process, these individuals and families will likely think of one simple question: "Why did this have to happen"? While this question might go unanswered, the families of these innocent victims may be able to address the impact of the loss in a wrongful death lawsuit.

When a business owner encounters problems with an insurance claim

Small business owners put a lot into their companies. Their business can represent a major investment of their time, resources and emotions. So, a business owner can be filled with fear and worry when a disaster strikes their business. This could include things like a major accident or a natural disaster.

Crash in Coral Springs required helicopter for injured victim

An accident in Coral Springs, Florida left numerous people injured and at least one of them was injured seriously enough that helicopter assistance was required. The accident itself is shrouded in mystery, as there are practically no details. We don't know how many vehicles were involved and we don't know how many victims there are. But at least one person was airlifted to a hospital via the aforementioned helicopter and "several" others were injured.

How cargo factors into a truck accident

Truck accidents pose a very unique threat to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and really anyone out on the road. Given the size of "big rigs" and semi trucks, they inherently have a much greater impact on other vehicles and objects when they are involved in an accident. This often leads to more serious injuries (and sometimes fatal ones) and far more damage. Truck accidents are incredibly devastating events, and the people involved in them must know their legal rights after the crash.

Foreclosures down, but homeowners still struggle

Latest statistics show that the real estate crisis in Florida may have peaked. In the six months leading to July 2017, home foreclosures were down 33 percent. Compared to the first half of the year previous, foreclosures are down 56 percent.

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