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Walgreens sued after slip and fall injures woman

We have yet another example of someone suffering serious injuries in a slip and fall because a business wasn't aware of a dangerous condition on their property. In this particular case, the woman walked into a Walgreens on June 20 and slipped and fell, suffering injuries that were not disclosed in the source article. The reason the woman slipped and fell was because rain had caused a wet and slippery surface in the store.

The woman sued Walgreens for the incident, and alleges that the company failed to clean up the dangerous condition. The lawsuit also alleges overall negligence and failing to warn customers of the dangerous and slippery condition.

Without knowing the full details of the lawsuit or the incident itself, it is tough to pass judgement on this case. However, we can talk about slip and falls in general. And, generally speaking, many companies, restaurants and property owners fail to inform their customers, patrons or guests of dangerous conditions. All if takes is a yellow warning sign or cone that alerts customers to a broken floorboard or a spill on aisle 12. And then, all the business has to do is quickly and properly take care of the problem.

Instead, many companies ignore the problem or simply don't prioritize it. As a result, they may not have any warning signs up at all, or they may take far too long to actually dress a spill or dangerous condition. This negligence is unacceptable, and the victims of a slip and fall should hold the responsible party liable for the incident.

Source: Louisiana Record, "Woman claims she was injured after fall at New Orleans Walgreens," Carrie Bradon, July 18, 2017

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