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Injured in a slip and fall? Call an attorney.

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries to people. Some people may read that sentence and scoff at it -- however, if you aren't expecting a slick or wet surface, or if you didn't see a dilapidated or damaged stair or piece of flooring, then you can take a terrible fall when you are in such an unsuspecting state. This is especially true for older people.

For the businesses or property owners that fail to provide a safe environment, let alone perform basic upkeep of their premises, these slip and fall accidents can lead to a lawsuit.

Imagine walking into a supermarket and a bottle of spilled milk covers the floor. Employees and managers fail to put out safety cones or warnings signs that would alert customers to this danger, and no one cleans up the mess in a timely fashion.

Or what about a landlord that refuses to adequately address a leaky roof or a dilapidated staircase, and as a result of those dangerous conditions, tenants or their guests suffer serious injuries from a fall? 

These situations are unacceptable, and the victims in these cases need to get legal help to ensure that their side of the incident is heard. A premises liability lawsuit can hold the negligent property owner or manager responsible for their reckless behavior towards their patrons or tenants. At The Andres Lopez Law Firm, we can help people who have been affected by dangerous building conditions and want to bring their concerns to court.

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