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Pool rises from yard, Florida homeowner may have claim denied

A Florida homeowner came home Monday night to their pool in the backyard sitting three feet above the ground, despite the pool being an in-ground pool. The homeowner had drained the pool on Sunday, and said that groundwater under the pool likely pushed the pool right out of the ground.

This unexpected event will likely cost the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars, and the insurance company that covers the home said they likely won't pay for it. When insurance companies don't pay for needed repairs to a person's home, the homeowner might not know who to turn to for help.

The company in this case pointed to a part of the person's policy that states it wouldn't pay for damage caused by groundwater. While it is important for people to read their policies carefully and consider the exclusions, it is also important that companies represent the coverages of their policies accurately.

If someone feels that they have been wrongfully denied an insurance claim they might be wise to speak with an experienced Florida attorney. They can help a person understand their rights and evaluate their insurance policy to ensure the company is following their end of the bargain.

Many homeowners pay their premiums on time or pay for their policy in full, but still have legitimate claims denied. This is often a tactic by insurance companies to pass more of the cost onto the policyholder, and prevent this expense from being paid out by the insurance company. An attorney can help protect a person's rights.

Source: Fox News, "Florida homeowner faces thousands in damage after pool rises from ground," Oct. 9, 2013

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