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Florida residents should review hurricane insurance policies

Hurricane season is approaching in the Atlantic and that means that Florida families should take a look at their homeowners insurance policies and make sure they understand the terms and the limits.

Many people hope to rely on homeowners insurance when water, wind, and other elements damage a home during a storm. However, most people assume that the basic or low-cost coverage that they purchased will suffice when in fact the amount that is eventually covered may not be enough to repair all of the damage.

For example, homeowners should know the different between their basic policy that covers storms and National Flood Insurance which covers water damage that can happen after a storm.

The necessity for different types of insurance policies varies by location and whether or not the area where you live in particularly susceptible to storms of a certain kind of floods. This is why it is important not to assume that a policy covers something but to check and make sure that it is not necessary to purchase an add-on or an additional plan.

After a hurricane or other natural disaster has caused damage to a home, it is important to make sure that the insurance company pays what is owed to homeowners. If a company denies coverage that should be within the scope of the policy, homeowners can continue to pursue compensation from the company and fight for what is owed to them. Insurance companies have a good faith obligation to fair dealing with policy holders. 


Source:, "Why you should pay close attention to home insurance policy," Rachel Graf, May 18, 2013. 

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