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Parking lots and holiday injuries

That shopping trip beginning on Black Friday and continuing until the holidays may be dangerous. The risk of a personal injury accident in parking lot and garage structure crashes grows during this season.

The number of accident claims grow from the day after Thanksgiving until the end of the holiday shopping season, according to auto insurance companies. The number of actual accidents is probably much higher because many minor accidents and fender benders are not reported.

Resort sued for tainted alcohol drowning

A Florida court will decide a wrongful death lawsuit for a fatality at a Mexican resort. The family of a 20-year-old student filed the personal injury action against the resort where she drowned in Jan. 2017 after it allegedly served her tainted alcohol.

According to the lawsuit, the victim's step-father booked the resort for an all-inclusive 7-day stay at the resort for her family. Before the victim and her brother went swimming, staff served them drinks at a pool-side bar.

Venus Williams settles crash lawsuit

Recently, tennis star Venus Williams settled a wrongful death lawsuit over the death of a 78-year-old motorist in June 2017. Celebrity and the absence of a criminal prosecution do not block the ability to pursue a lawsuit for motor vehicle accidents in Florida, as shown by this case.

Texting and driving is distracting and dangerous

It is almost impossible to go anywhere and not seeing people engaged in texting and using their personal electronic devices. It is alarming, however, that motorists are texting and driving, which takes their attention from the road and increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Tesla autopilot blamed for crash

Car crashes often involve a negligent, distracted or impaired driver. New technology, however, is also playing a role in motor vehicle accidents. An accident victim recently filed a lawsuit against Tesla claiming that it misrepresented the effectiveness of its Autopilot system and holding it liable for a crash on the Florida Turnpike.

Waiting for the school bus is more dangerous

Parents and safety advocates have been concerned over safe school bus transportation to and from school and made recommendations such as the installing seat belts. Surprisingly, however, car accidents involving children waiting for the bus poses more dangers.

Fatalities involving school transportation comprise only one percent of almost 325,000 deadly crashes in this country from 2006 to 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But, over one-third of those fatalities, 102 students, were not in a vehicle. Statistics have not improved over time despite increased police enforcement in school zones.

A brief overview of the foreclosure process in Florida

You are drowning in debt and can’t manage to get out of it. Home foreclosures are a reality that many Americans have faced before. You are not alone in trying to get answers to your questions and hopefully find the peace of mind you need the most.

The good news is that you have legal options and defense available to help you fight your home being liquidated to pay off your debts. You are not fighting alone and the more knowledge you gain in the process of home foreclosures in Florida, the better your chances of sustaining your home long-term.

Florida ranked in top 10 states with worst drivers

There is relatively good news and some distressing news for motorists in Florida. According to a 2018 Smart Asset study, Florida is no longer the state with the worst drivers in this country. But, it still has the dubious distinction of remaining in the top 10 of these states which highlights the risks of motor vehicle accidents in Florida.

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