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Rivera Beach police sued for severe brain injuries

Lawsuits for car accident injuries typically involve an impaired or reckless driver but may also have unexpected defendants. But, a 26-year-old former personal trainer filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Riviera Beach, Florida police for a brain injury he suffered when one of its cruisers crashed into his vehicle in Feb. 2017.

A police cruiser was chasing an SUV that ran a stop sign, according to his lawsuit. He charged that police pursued the SUV through a residential neighborhood at speeds approaching 70 mph. The SUV crashed into the side of the victim's car.

Survey: Some drivers watch videos behind the wheel

With today’s smartphones, catching up on your favorite TV shows, movies and online videos is easier than ever. Unfortunately, some people are using this convenience in dangerous ways. A recent survey indicates that some individuals tune into videos when driving.

The survey was by an online driving education website. It polled drivers on what things they do behind the wheel. It may not surprise many that texting while driving was very commonly reported by the respondents. What some may find surprising though is just how many of the drivers said that they watch videos while driving.

Avoiding foreclosure rescue scams

Receiving foreclosure papers can be a life-changing experience. Individuals and families are left feeling vulnerable, confused and worried about to do next. It’s hard to believe that people prey on those in need of help, but scams happen all the time. If anyone reaches out to you during times of financial trouble, take a second look.

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