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Bankruptcy-related spat brings RICO into spotlight

A recently dismissed federal lawsuit based on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO Act, put into focus an important legal weapon that businesses may use to protect their interests against the unfair tactics of their competition. On the flip side, the suit also demonstrates a source of legal liability businesses in South Florida may face.

It is an axiom of business law that while businesses in a free market naturally compete with each other for revenue, they must do so in accordance with the law. In the recent case that hit the news, a man who founded a firm that handles corporate restructuring of bankrupt organizations legally accused his firm's competitor of defrauding bankruptcy courts across the country. He filed suit under the RICO law because the law allows those harmed by a criminal enterprise to do so in order to recover damages.

How does a short sale work?

Previously, this blog has discussed various ways a Florida homeowner or business owner can defend against a foreclosure action. After all, even responsible Coral Springs residents may, due to unforeseen circumstances like a layoff, a medical problem or even a divorce, can find themselves unable to keep up on their house payments or with their businesses.

Oftentimes, the best foreclosure defense is to try to work out an alternative to forcing the bank to legally take one's real estate and sell it at auction. One such alternative is a short sale.

Why should you always see a doctor after a car accident?

Car accidents happen every day, and the damages and injuries to victims can vary from only scrapes, scratches and bruises to complete property loss and loss of life. In many instances, victims who experience a car accident feel a sense of relief once the shock of the experience begins to fade and they do not feel any pain or see signs of injury.

Unfortunately, many car accident injuries are not obvious at first, and may not cause pain or other symptoms for hours, days or even weeks. Victims of car accidents who do not receive a full medical examination after a car accident may not ever realize their injuries are related to the accident, and may not receive the care they need before it is too late.

Key terms in a commercial lease can cause conflict

For many businesses in Coral Springs and other parts of South Florida, it is more economical to lease a building or other commercial premises rather than buying property outright. However, to some extent, there are higher stakes involved in a commercial lease. Usually, commercial property costs more to rent than would a typical house or apartment.

Moreover, commercial leases usually involvement a longer-term commitment. Perhaps most importantly, commercial leases are, relatively speaking, complicated documents that vary widely depending on individual circumstances.

Florida dangerous state for pedestrians

According to recent statistics, walking is a particularly risky activity in Florida. The state has the worst numbers when it comes to fatal pedestrian accidents, and this is by a longshot. Specifically, over the course of 10 years, over 5,430 people died because of pedestrian accidents in this state.

Since 5,000 people die annually in pedestrian accidents across the country, this means Florida is accounting for about 10% of all such fatal pedestrian accidents. Per capita, the state averaged 2.73 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents. The national average is 1.55 deaths per 100,000 people.

What is an exclusive supplier contract?

A previous post talked about how a farmer in another state recently won over $20 million in a suit over an exclusive supplier agreement. To take a step back from this post, and as the name implies, an exclusive supplier agreement is one in which an entity which needs products, like chili peppers, enters in to an agreement with another business to provide them on an exclusive basis.

In other words, the supplier of the product will sell or all of the product to the business needing it, and the business will likewise agree not to purchase from other providers. This ensures that the supplier has a relatively reliable source of income and that the purchaser can lock in a decent price for their goods.

Farmer wins major lawsuit involving contract dispute

According to recent reports, a farmer in another state is celebrating after a jury awarded his family business $23.3 million in a breach of contract lawsuit. At one point, the farmer had been the exclusive supplier of certain chili peppers for Huy Fong Foods, Inc., the business which manufacturers several hot sauces, including a popular Sriracha sauce.

The jury found that Huy Fong not only had breached its supplier agreement with the farmer's business but also had engaged in fraud. The jury specifically found that Huy Fong on certain key points of the business relationship had either given misleading statements or had hidden information that it had a duty to disclose.

The cost of spinal cord injuries is exorbitant

A previous post here discussed a recent car accident in Florida that left a young woman paralyzed from the neck down. The woman suffered spinal cord injuries to her upper vertebrae. Injuries to the upper part of the spine are typically the most severe, and most costly, of all spinal cord injuries. These sorts of injuries, which can lead to the complete paralysis of all parts of the body below the neck, constitute 14% of all spinal cord injuries.

These types of injuries typically cost over $1 million to treat in the first year alone. Thereafter, ongoing medical and rehabilitation costs run about $185,000 a year. For a 25-year-old who suffers this type of injury, the overall cost for treatment, rehabilitation and just living with paralysis approaches $4.75 million.

We can handle a variety of business disputes

One thing that can destroy a budding business or even an established enterprise in South Florida is a prolonged and expensive lawsuit. This is particularly true if, at the end of the day, a business winds up having to pay money out of pocket or give up important rights.

Our law office understands that any legal dispute involving a business can be critical to that business's ongoing success.

Young woman left paralyzed in Florida car accident

A 22-year-old woman who was in Florida for an internship at a famous entertainment firm located in this state suffered severe spinal cord injuries in a recent car accident.

The motor vehicle accident left the woman paralyzed from the neck down, as the collision damaged her upper vertebrae and severed her nerves in that area of her spinal cord.

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