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Explore your options when a homeowner's policy claim is denied

Many people in South Florida will, at some point in time, likely need to file a homeowner's policy claim. Weather damage is a big problem in the local area, but that is what insurance is there for: it is there when you need it, and you pay monthly premiums for that service. Unfortunately, sometimes these claims are denied by the insurance carrier.

When an insurance claim on a homeowner's policy is denied, it is important to explore the available options. But, for starters, it is most important to get the insurance company's reason for denying the claim. Is the company asserting that the claim in question is not covered by your insurance policy? Or that the damage occurred at a time when the insurance policy was not in effect? Or, perhaps even worse, that you failed to meet an obligation under the insurance policy?

Is "drowsy driving" just as dangerous as drunk driving?

South Florida residents are probably used to seeing news reports about drunk driving arrests in the local area, as well as car accidents that are caused by drunk drivers. It is a sad reality that, despite the best efforts of government entities and non-profit corporations to raise awareness, thousands of Florida residents engage in this dangerous conduct every year. But, is there something else out there that drivers should be aware of? According to a recent news article, the answer is a definite "yes": drowsy driving.

The recent article noted that drowsy drivers can be every bit as dangerous as drunk drivers: they are less alert and their reaction times may be slower. The result? Dangerous driver conduct, such as failing to follow traffic laws, swerving in their lanes and putting pedestrians and other drivers in danger.

Your options when someone else caused your injury

Most people don't expect to be injured when they are going about their business on a day-to-day basis. But, as the old saying goes, "accidents happen." Unfortunately, more often than not, these so-called "accidents" are actually someone else's fault.

Florida residents can suffer severe injuries when another person is negligent or reckless. Car accidents, animal bites and accidents on another person's property can all leave a person with significant injuries that require a great deal of medical care and treatment. In some cases, the injuries are so serious that the victim will never fully recover.

Elderly woman's death leads family to pursue legal action

Many Florida residents have family members who reside at assisted living facilities or nursing homes. When elderly loved ones move into these types of facilities, the expectation is that they will receive the best care and the medical attention they need. Unfortunately, we have all seen news stories about nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have failed to live up to their requirements. A recent news article described a particularly troubling incident at a facility in Florida, in which an elderly female resident died.

According to the report, the elderly woman's family members are now pursuing legal action against the facility, which is located in Port St. Lucie. The wrongful death lawsuit describes in detail the alleged neglect that resulted in the woman's death.

The hidden danger of injuries with delayed symptoms

Not all injuries from car accidents are visible and you may not realize that you are injured right away. You may notice injuries days or even weeks after the collision.

But some injuries with delayed symptoms are more serious than others.

What do Florida businesses need to know about breach of contract?

When most individuals and businesses enter into contractual agreements, they expect that they are getting a fair deal and that the other party will live up to its end of the bargain. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. In many contractual relationships, there will come a time when one party or the other may commit a "breach" of the contract. So, what do businesses in Florida need to know about breach of contract claims?

Well, for starters, it is important to understand that these types of legal issues are oftentimes more complicated than just a claim that one party is not performing as they are obligated to under the terms of the contract. As a result, there may be more than one way to address a breach of a contract - commercial litigation isn't always necessary and, indeed, in some cases arbitration or mediation of disputes is mandatory under the terms of the contract.

What are your options when an insurance claim is denied?

South Florida residents buy insurance policies so that they are there when they are needed. Car insurance, flood insurance, health insurance, hurricane insurance - all of these types of insurance policies are commonly owned by Florida residents. But, no two insurance claims are the same. So, what are your options when an insurance claim is denied?

At first, most people will try to directly persuade their insurance companies to cover the damages or claims in question. However, this can oftentimes seem like a "fool's errand." Your insurance claim may be unique for you, but for an insurance company it is likely that they have seen the type of claim before. And, if the insurance company thinks your claim should be denied, there is a strong likelihood of defeat when you try to reason with the company representatives.

What to do to repair your credit after a foreclosure

You have just gone through one of the most difficult life events – a foreclosure. You have moved into your new place and your family is settled. The pain of what you just went through lingers. Now it is time to think about your future and what it will take to improve your finances.

Your credit report will be impacted by the foreclosure for seven years. There are questions you can ask and steps you can take now that will help you get on the road to recovery.

Three myths about personal injury claims in the Sunshine State

No matter what type of injury you received, whether it was a dog bite or boating accident, there are some common misconceptions about pursuing a personal injury claim. Here are three myths that have been debunked to help clarify the personal injury process:

  • If I need medical treatment, I have to wait until my case is settled before I can get help

The causes and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries

Americans everywhere, including in South Florida, may not realize that on an almost daily basis they are putting themselves in situations in which they may suffer serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. For most people, the situation occurs when they get behind the wheel of their car. For others, it is when they are walking, jogging or riding a bicycle next to a roadway. All of the people who find themselves in these situations are open to one of the most common causes of injuries in the country: car collisions.

Among all of the causes of traumatic brain injuries - commonly known as TBIs - car accidents are by far one of the most common. However, there are other causes as well, including falls and sports injuries. TBIs can be mild, moderate or severe and the symptoms for each degree of TBI can be markedly different. And, in some cases, the injured victims may not even realize the extent of their injury until the days and weeks afterward.

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