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How do you start a partnership?

Starting a business is a major step for individuals in Florida and elsewhere. Even when it is a small business, it is a venture that should be done with much care and the details worked out. With regards to a partnership, there are many steps to take to ensure it is properly set up and ready to go. And by taking the time to set it up properly, partners in the business could help secure the success and longevity of the partnership.

How do you start a partnership? This business type is the simplest business structure and is formed when two or more principles are involved. Partnerships do not have any formal paperwork requirements; thus, they do not have a formal way to protect partners from liability unless they take additional steps to do so.

Higher speed limits proving fatal

Speed can be a major cause of serious and even fatal traffic accidents. The federal government's 24-year-old decision allowing states to raise speed limits over 65 miles per hour caused almost 14,000 additional fatalities in motor vehicle accidents, according to a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study.

This was an average of 560 deaths each year. It is just 10 percent of the deaths, however, anticipated by federal officials and safety advocates in 1995 when the 65 mile per hour national speed limit was repealed by Congress. The study found that a five mile per hour increase in the speed limit raised the number of interstate fatalities by approximately 8 percent. A 10 mile per hour increase raised the number of traffic deaths by 17 percent. Fatalities, however, grow exponentially and a 15 mile per hour rise increases fatalities by 27 percent.

Drowsy driving and car crashes

We rely on vehicles to get around. This means that motorists in Florida and elsewhere may drive even when they shouldn't, such as when they are stressed, intoxicated or even tired. Drowsy driving may not seem as problematic as drunk driving; however, it is considered to be just as dangerous. Thus, when an overworked individual or a person who is sleep deprived gets behind the wheel, he or she could create a dangerous situation for others, even being the cause of a crash.

When a driver is tired, they can never be too sure when sleep will come over their body. While being fatigued can impact the ability to concentrate, being drowsy could also result in a motorist falling asleep at the wheel. Falling asleep while driver could cause a driver to cross the center line, drift off the road or go through a traffic light.

U.S. foreclosure rate drops to lowest since 2001

Good news for American homeowners: they are falling behind on their mortgages less often than any time in 18 years.

A recent report by CoreLogic reveals in January, the national rate of mortgages 90 days behind or more in payments or foreclosure was down to 1.4 percent. You have to go back to 2001 to find such a low national rate of foreclosure and delinquency. Overall, just 4 percent of mortgages were even 30 days’ delinquent, also an 18-year low.

A comparison between bankruptcy and foreclosure

If you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage repayment obligations in Coral Springs, it is important that you consider the options that you have at your disposal. If you fail to make mortgage repayments on time, your situation could deteriorate very quickly, and you may be subject to foreclosure as a result.

Bankruptcy and foreclosure are two common outcomes of missed mortgage repayments, but they are very different, and they both carry their own pros and cons. This is why it is wise to understand how these options compare before deciding what course of action to take.

Mortgage fraud can threaten equity and savings

Mortgage borrowers should guard against mortgage scams, which can mislead them into entering loans that are difficult to repay or ultimately jeopardize their foreclosure defense. High interest rates, other credit and closing costs and unclear documents can be financial quicksand. Documents should be carefully read and reviewed. A purchaser should not sign any agreement if there are new terms that were not disclosed to them. Explanations should be provided on any cost, term or condition that is too high or ambiguous.

Extras like life, disability and credit insurance should be carefully reviewed because these may be sold to raise fees for the lender. Requiring credit insurance as a condition of the loan is illegal. Purchasers should not be pressured into signing over a deed as a condition for the loan.

Coral Springs teen dies in multi-car crash

Whether one is operating motor vehicle or traveling in one as a passenger, every day, individuals in Florida and elsewhere are faced with various dangers on the roadways. It could be a distracted driver texting on their phone, a speeding driver with road rage, a negligent driver that failed to signal a maneuver or a drunk driver traveling in the wrong direction. When a negligent driver causes a crash, this puts the lives of those involved at risk.

According to recent reports, a fatal crash occurred when a group of high school friends were on their way from Coral Springs to Fort Lauderdale. The 17-year-old female was a passenger in the vehicle that as traveling eastbound on I-595 when the driver of the vehicle was cut off by another driver. This resulted in a multi-car collision.

What are the components of a personal injury action?

Falling victim to an accident is a shocking event, no matter the severity of the incident. Accident victims in Florida and elsewhere are often initially focused on the pain and suffering associated with the injury. One's mind is often fixated on medical treatment to address the injuries suffered. Then, while one is in the recovery process, he or she is often faced with the growing medical bills associated with their care and treatment. This can be overwhelming, especially when an individual was a victim in an accident caused by a negligent party.

What are the components of a personal injury action? To begin, this civil action is designed to provide victims with compensation when a negligent third party is responsible for the harm caused to the victim. There are various situations that give rise to a personal injury action. If it is believed that a person or a company is to blame for the harms suffered, then one could file this civil action.

Helping you resolve contract disputes

Entering into a contract may seem like a routine task in the business world; however, the terms of each of these agreements must be understood. More importantly, these terms must also be followed. The failure to adhere to these contracts could cause a business contract to no longer benefit the company but harm it instead. Whether it is individuals, businesses or a mixture of parties, it is important to understand what can be done if a contract dispute arises.

Whether it is with another business or within a business, when disputes arise, this can disrupt the daily operations of a business. At the Andres Lopez Law Firm, our skilled attorneys understand how this can significantly impact a business. Thus, we are dedicated to helping businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area navigate these disputes, helping them find a workable resolution.

Types of remedies for a breach of contract

Whether it is a small business or large corporation, the backbone to any business dealing is a contract. These may seem fairly simple and straightforward; however, when a party to a contract does not uphold their end of the deal, this can create issues. In some cases, a breach of contract does not only invalidate the contract but cause harm to the non-breaching party.

When a breach occurs, the non-breaching party could suffer damages. Depending on the harms suffered, there are different types of remedies to seek in these matters. The most common remedy sought is compensatory damages. This means that the breaching party pays the non-breaching party enough money to get them what was promised of the contract. The next type of remedy is restitution, which is when a breaching party pays the other party back.

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