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English-only signs lead to lawsuits

Florida and the rest of the nation are becoming bi-lingual. Failure to recognize this may have legal consequences, even at locations designed for amusement. A Guatemalan family recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Universal Orlando after their 38-year-old father died because of its allegedly negligent failure to post ride-warning signs in Spanish.

Their father had a fatal heart attack in 2016 after riding on its Skull Island: Reign of Kong attraction. This ride, which was open for almost six months before his death, recreates a truck expedition based upon recent versions of King Kong movies.

Hazards to office workers

It can be hard to imagine sustaining an injury while you are working in an office-setting, however it does happen. Injuries in a typical office setting, sitting at a desk for most hours of the workday, lead to many injuries that you may not often think address or relate to your job.


Fire suppressants spark lawsuit

Products intended to provide safety can, at times, cause harm. In a personal injury class-action lawsuit, six former employees of the Florida State Fire College claimed that exposure to fire suppressants used at the college caused them to develop cancers and diseases.

The lawsuit was filed in federal district court for the Middle District of Florida against 10 manufacturers of this product. Plaintiffs include firefighters and instructors, administrative employees and others who could have been exposed to the chemicals in contaminated water around the college.

Florida homeowners floating but face choppy seas

A few years ago, half of Florida home mortgages were underwater with homeowners owing more than their home's worth. However, many Florida cities still have a high number of underwater mortgages. Many homeowners with little equity may have to seek foreclosure defense when they struggle paying their mortgage.

After the last recession, Florida homeowners faced negative equity and dropping resale prices. Almost half of Florida homes were underwater and it was not uncommon for homeowners to owe twice their home's worth. Foreclosures rose with personal bankruptcies and plunging credit scores.

Lawsuit filed over deadly date

A first date based on a meeting on Tinder turned fatal when a woman fell off a motorcycle and her intoxicated date allegedly abandoned her on a Florida interstate. Her family filed a personal injury lawsuit against her date for alleged negligence.

The couple met on the online dating site after the defendant came from Schenectady, N.Y to visit his cousin in Fort Lauderdale. She was 33-years-old, lived in Fort Lauderdale with her parents and was a restaurant server. They spent their first date on a motorcycle ride with two other couples to visit bars in the area.

Parking lots and holiday injuries

That shopping trip beginning on Black Friday and continuing until the holidays may be dangerous. The risk of a personal injury accident in parking lot and garage structure crashes grows during this season.

The number of accident claims grow from the day after Thanksgiving until the end of the holiday shopping season, according to auto insurance companies. The number of actual accidents is probably much higher because many minor accidents and fender benders are not reported.

Resort sued for tainted alcohol drowning

A Florida court will decide a wrongful death lawsuit for a fatality at a Mexican resort. The family of a 20-year-old student filed the personal injury action against the resort where she drowned in Jan. 2017 after it allegedly served her tainted alcohol.

According to the lawsuit, the victim's step-father booked the resort for an all-inclusive 7-day stay at the resort for her family. Before the victim and her brother went swimming, staff served them drinks at a pool-side bar.

Venus Williams settles crash lawsuit

Recently, tennis star Venus Williams settled a wrongful death lawsuit over the death of a 78-year-old motorist in June 2017. Celebrity and the absence of a criminal prosecution do not block the ability to pursue a lawsuit for motor vehicle accidents in Florida, as shown by this case.

Texting and driving is distracting and dangerous

It is almost impossible to go anywhere and not seeing people engaged in texting and using their personal electronic devices. It is alarming, however, that motorists are texting and driving, which takes their attention from the road and increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

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