Helping Businesses Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Businesses assume significant risks. To mitigate the risks of owning commercial property, businesses frequently purchase expensive commercial property insurance policies. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not take their obligations toward the insurance contract seriously.

Following natural disasters and accidents, businesses that have consistently paid toward their commercial property policies rightly expect to be able to recover compensation through claims against those policies.

Instead, many business owners find their insurance companies are more interested in denying or limiting insurance payments than in honoring insurance contracts. Insurance claims that are obviously legitimate may be denied, delayed or diminished through an inadequate settlement offer.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable To Commercial Property Claims

The Andres Lopez Law Firm represents commercial property owners across the state in insurance coverage disputes with insurance companies. Our founding attorney, Andres Lopez, is an experienced insurance claim litigator with a strong track record of obtaining compensation for his clients. He has witnessed, and overcome, the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying on their clients' valid claims.

When insurance companies delay, limit or deny valid claims on commercial property policies, our law firm defends policyholder rights. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances behind claims, determine the facts behind those circumstances, and compare the facts against the insurance policies. We then hold insurance companies accountable to the terms of their policies. We are aggressive litigators and tenacious negotiators who are dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible for your circumstances.

It's Not A Hurricane, It's A 'Flood' | Experience In Fighting Insurance Company Tactics

We are especially effective in situations where an insurer attempts to deny a claim by shrinking the definition of coverage. A common tactic is as follows: A business purchases hurricane insurance coverage to indemnify its commercial property against damages caused by a hurricane or other tropical storm. In such a case, the insurance company may attempt to deny the business's claim by arguing the damage was not caused by a hurricane, but by flooding.

Insurance companies use similar tactics to invalidate commercial property insurance policies for fire, wind damage, and other situations in which the property should be covered.

Representation You Can Trust | Coral Springs And Fort Lauderdale Commercial Property Claims Attorneys

If your business is struggling to obtain compensation from an insurance company, we can help. For more information, contact The Andres Lopez Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale or Coral Springs. Our lawyers stand ready to advise and assist you.

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